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During the last three decades, globalisation and the new wave of technological change have modified the way we live and work, creating new opportunities for workers but also new risks. Indeed, labour market transformations and the economic uncertainty related to the labour market (e.g. unemployment, short-term contract jobs, underemployment) have made it difficult for people to imagine their future, with a direct impact on fertility.

EU-Fer and LabFer, two EU-funded research and innovation projects, have joined forces as LabEuFer cluster to investigate how factors such as globalization, digitalization and economic uncertainty influence contemporary fertility dynamics.

LabEUFer Key Results:

  • Theoretical conceptualization and empirical evidence of how the changes in the world of work (e.g. growing instability and work demands, spread of home-based telework, automation) and economic uncertainty affect fertility
  • Data for empirical investigations in the field of work and family in the context of structural labour market change
  • A database with WEGD measures by country & industry/ occupation
  • A contextual database with policy indicators
  • A micro-level longitudinal database with harmonised data for fertility and labour market analyses
  • (More specific results from EUFER could be added, but they are not available to me via the HRB survey)

Our research in a nutshell

Watch our video to discover the Cluster’s main results

 The LabEUFer Cluster projects


LABFER is the first project that will comprehensively describe and evaluate fertility consequences of the unprecedented changes in the labour market, caused by digitalisation and globalisation.


EU-FER aims at generating new knowledge on if, how, and under what circumstances economic uncertainty matters for fertility in contemporary Europe, adopting a cross-country comparative approach. Stay tuned not to miss any updates on our joint work by following our hashtag #LabEUfer

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